TOP Frequently Asked Questions

We have given detailed answers to the most common questions.

When will the first space city EFIR be built?

We are planning to start the building by the year 2025 In the meantime, space centres will be established in several cities around the world, where those who wish will receive the training required to move to the next level. At the moment we are developing a detailed concept of a city in space.

When will it be possible to fly into space?
It depends on our actions and each of us. The faster we gather a critical mass of people and start developing together, the faster it will be possible to design a new generation.
Who provides financial support to the project?
"Galaktika" exists through private investment and does not depend on state support. All contributions go to the development of the project.
Who can become an investor?
We are open to everybody who is passionate about space and ready to invest in the development of the project the amount of $500,000 and more. All conditions are discussed on a case-by-case basis.
How can I join the project if I am not a millionaire?
You can join the community by selecting one of the membership plans. The fee starts from $10 and depends on the privileges included.
What is included in the practical course "Homo Cosmos"?
This is a series of practices and meditations aimed at revealing human potential and superpowers. It is better to try it at least once to know how it feels.
How can I engage my work with space?
You can realize your potential as an inventor, researcher, businessman, teacher, public figure or volunteer in many different areas. In our Galaktika community there is a place for everybody.
Who created the International GALAKTIKA initiative?
Aliya Prokofieva who is the ideologist and space visionary.
What is the amount of funding allocated for each project?
The average check for each transaction will be from $ 1 million to $ 10 million
Why does the project pay much attention to education?
We believe that it is necessary to develop our society and improve the level of education if we want to see the emergence of completely new and advance technologies in such fields as deep space exploration, engine design, material development and so on. That is why we do our best to provide educational opportunities for children and adolescents and ensure overall human development.
How is GALAKTIKA different from SpaceX or Blue Origin?
Galaktika is a global initiative dedicated to the future of humanity. Our goal is overall human development, we want to improve both our planet and our society. Yes, we have a long-term goal, we want to design and build the first city in space. However, our goals are not only technological, but also and primarily ideological ones. SpaceX and Blue Origin are private space companies whose main responsibility is to develop new technologies. These companies are not engaged in education and development of people.
Why did Galaktika change from a private space company to a community?
Originally, Galaktika was supposed to work at technological reserve for space development. At the beginning of the project history Aliya invested in 2 space start-ups and developed them. However, later Aliya realized that to boost space development it is necessary to make space available to everyone, make the idea viral for humanity. Therefore, the emphasis was placed on the formation of the Community and social activities.
What specialists do you need to launch the orbital city EFIR?
To achieve our global goal and launch the orbital city, we need the same specialists as we need for any Earth city i.e. engineers, architects, builders, doctors... The main difference is that in the first space city there will be more scientists, architects, psychologists, designers, specialists in biotechnology and urban sustainability.
What can I do for Galaktika?

You can join the Community and participate in its life in different ways from publishing of interesting space- related content to working on specific tasks in the space city. You can support the project and invest in it. For more details check Partners section.

How can I participate in the Galaktika project?
You can choose a member plan or become the project partner and engage in active communication and collaboration using our site.
What projects will the Space Fund finance?
The Space Fund will provide financial support to projects in both early stages (availability of study on technology) and late stages. Fields: 3D printing, Neurotechnology, communications, energy, biotechnology, new materials. The possibility of using the technology both in space and on Earth will be an important factor for the projects under consideration. For more details about the Spare Fund please visit …..