Project description


Community GALAKTIKA is a global online and offline platform that unites people around the idea that space is the future of mankind. The global community mission is to build and launch the first EFIR space city. You can become now a resident of the global future community!

The Cosmos Center

The Cosmos Center is an entertainment and educational center with modern hitech labs, dedicated to the topics of space, future, human’s self development. We mix together science&art to create an outstanding place which inspires and changes. Opening 2021. Architecture of the project made by Asymptote Architecture.

Space Hub

Space Hub is a place for people who are interested in space, future and self development, which we create in order to work together on various projects. Hubs are platforms with a friendly environment, created on the co-working principle. Each visitor can get access to innovative programs for human development. It is a cozy environment for work, communication and presentations by international experts in the field of human development, space, and the future.


EFIR is a space city which has no analogues, except that you saw its image in the Elysium film. The EFIR city is our mission and is created jointly by the GALAKTIKA community. This will be the first mass settlement in space, designed for 10,000 inhabitants. The project is ambitious. But, recently, things that seemed unreal have already been realized in the real world. If our ideas are close to you, we invite you to join our global initiative!

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