Brand new international aerospace corporation changing the traditional  approach to the space industry. From low Earth orbit development to the deep space exploration.


The Galaktika Group of Companies is a brand new international aerospace company changing the traditional  way of work into space industry. It is a managing company combining various projects in the space sphere, bringing together world-class expertise in the key fields of the space practice.

Galaktika GC finds an alternative approach to complex technical and scientific issues in every its` project – from the low-earth orbit development to the deep space exploration.



Satellite and rocket engineering, services based on Earth Observation (EO) technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), composite 3D-printing– «Galaktika» operates at the forefront of space development.


Our goal is to develop space innovations on the global market, using achievements and great background of the russian space industry.

The Company’s mission is to expand the boundaries of human activity in the Universe

Our objectives are:

- to develop and industrialize the Earth orbit

- Expanding the inhabited boundaries of the planet

- Development of technologies for the benefit of humanity

- Industrialization of technologies - development of the next Earth's circuit



Leonardo da Vinci



Pulsar - IoT constellation

The project is aimed to create a telecom operator based on the company-owned low-orbit microsatellite packet constellation for the data exchange between the ground autonomous subscribers (the so-called Internet of Things devices). The system provides two-way exchange of data packets of 12..512 byte, at a speed up to 500 bit /sec in real time between IoT users  located everywhere on the Earth, via low-earth-orbit satellites using uniform connection standards.



Focus - high-resolution EO constellation

The aims of the EO project are:

- to create group of small satellites with the high-quality shooting performance,

- to develop and commercialize the source of EO data

The main advantages of our EO project as compared to those designed abroad:

- data specific cost

- minimum area of new shooting

- better terms of data supply

- high shooting performance with a minimum number of satellites in the constellation

- the use of high-quality opto-electronic devices with no decrease in quality indicators.



TabletSat-Educational Kit

This is an educational project representing a satellite engineering model.

The product is used in educational courses, projects, extra and mandatory school courses. Students learn the basics of spaceflight mechanics, telecommunications, automatic control theory, experimental set up and measurement processing methods, address the design and application of modern satellites. Teaching aids for instructors are available.



Ascent is the project of ultra-light partially reusable launcher Ascent. The project involves the provision of services to launch small satellites into low Earth orbits, including:

- satellite adjustment to launcher,

- spacecraft transportation, customs clearance

- spacecrafts` launching to orbit,

- ballistic and telemetry support of spacecraft.

The final objective of the project is to create a commercially successful small satellite launcher`s service. The project aims to gain experience in the creation and operation of ultralight launchers with recovery and reusable elements as well as to support domestic space industry enterprises and organizations.

The project is at the investment stage.



Composite 3D-printer

Creation and launch of a composite 3D-printer enabling to create structure elements from a composite material:

- 3D bio-printing: a project of printing biomaterials

- launching services;

- non-conventional materials.








SPUTNIX Ltd is the Russian private company, manufacturing high-tech microsatellite components and technologies, as well as microsatellite-based services. The company works since 2011, providing cost-effective solutions, based on microsatellite technology, and a high level of technical support at all stages of the product life cycle, to our clients. The approach is to be attentive to the customer’s wishes, working on time and flexible pricing. The core of small but efficient and professional SPUTNIX team are young professionals with the real experience in the design and operation of spacecrafts, including microsatellites. Domestic technology, its` own experience and promising developments of cooperation are the basis of all key developments.

Space move company is aimed at improving of EO satellites. The company is working on the issue of satellite imaging equipment agility improvement and plan to collaborate with satellite development companies in future.The use of the proposed technology can significantly increase the efficiency of small satellites which perform submeter resolution imaging. Application area of the robotic retargeting system - small EO satellites with mass 50 - 500 kg.

Anisoprint is a developer of composite 3D printer, serving to print from composite materials reinforced with continuous fibers being 4 times stronger than steel, and to create functional products. Anisoprint develops 3D-printing of continuous fiber reinforced composites. Modern 3D-printers are either very expensive or they can not print the functional parts or loaded units. Anisoprint invented a technology that allows to print details made of composite materials in a simple and efficient way. Current status: the prototype of the 3d printer and the technology of composite material manufacturing are ready. Next steps: to start sales of the personal 3D-printer, to develop printing head for industrial 3D-robotic platforms.

Asсent is an ultra-light satellite launcer developer. Main objective is production of small satellite (250-500 kg) achieved 45% of the entire market. More than 3600 satellites are planned to be launched within 2017-2025.

Algorithm is a company specializing in EO data processing and provision of industry-specific services for various industries.


SpaceNet branch association


In December 2016, Galaktika established the non-profit partnership SpaceNet branch association. The key objective is to form the SpaceNet community represented by small and medium-sized high-tech innovative companies, develop the procedure of their partnership with state-owned companies on an open innovations basis, create the first products and services ready to be implemented in the industry.

At present, the SpaceNet NTI action plan is being developed. SpaceNet NTI is focused on the identification of new, malformed and promising market segments of the international space industry, where Russian companies may intervene in with their competitive products and services.


 Support of projects at the confluence of art, architecture and space.

- Educational projects

- NTI Sputnik Challenge

- Art & Space



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